• Object-no.: 2119
  • Object-type: Building plot, partly built
  • Plot: 20.800 m²
  • Water: Drink water and sewage water are available
  • Electricity: Not yet available
  • Street access: Yes
  • Sale price: 340.000,00 EUR
  • Commission fee: 2,38% (incl. 19% VAT.)

Object description

The large building plot of approx. 20,800 m² with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, palm trees and banana groves is located on a high plateau, only approx. 8 km from the small town of Loei. About 70% of the area was levelled and partially developed. In the 1st construction phase, the construction of the supply building, community house and parking spaces as well as a shop was planned.

In particular, the civil engineering work for the first construction phase has been completed. This includes a deep well in drinking quality water, the property and building drainage channels of this construction section, separated into rain and wastewater, and a wastewater tank with a capacity of approx. 250 m² so that the wastewater does not contaminate the drinking water. The floor slabs of the supply house, the shop and the community house have been completed. All pipelines are cast into the floor slabs and the community house with restaurant is already largely electrified according to German standards. The community house has designed with a restaurant and a built-in kitchen. The superstructures are almost up to ceiling height and all cables, right through to the flush-mounted boxes, are cast into the walls. The building was originally intended to be one floor. However, it was later decided to build on two floors. The walls and the support columns are designed and built accordingly. For the completion of the above-mentioned buildings, including paving, etc., around 150,000 – 180,000 EUR with a 2-floor construction shall be planned. Furnishings are individual and not included in this calculation. For the construction of the community house, which can also be used as a hotel room for travellers passing through, as well as for the parking spaces, roughly the same amount would have to be used again.

As the property has a „Chanote title“, it can be divided into parcels and it is owned by the company. The company is debt free, and the property will be sold as a share-deal.

Possible ideas for further building on this large building plot can be hotels, villas, bungalows, and rental apartments. The potential return on investment is about 10%.


The plot is located about 8 km from Loei in the mountain. The expanding city of Loei currently has around 80,000 residents. In the entire region (Ampoe) Loei, which is quite extensive, there are approx. 500,000 inhabitants.

Construction of a highway from Beijing to Singapore began. This will pass the property not far away. In addition to the income from electricity and water sales, you can also expect good income from hotel operations.

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